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Texas Association of Realtors Documents

Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) Documents

The Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) through its members use copyrighted contracts, leases, and other documents.  If you are presented a TAR document, one of their members prepared and completed the form for use in your transaction.  Because their forms are copyrighted, only TAR members may permissibly use their documents.  However, that doesnít mean that a Texas real estate lawyer is prohibited from negotiating document changes!  TAR commercial earnest money contracts generally favor the buyer and TAR commercial leases generally favor the landlord.  However, TAR commercial leases are more tenant "friendly" than leases drafted by an attorney for a landlord.

However, any contract may be "tweaked" to favor one side or another, and TAR documents are no different.  Attorneys are authorized to modify the substantive content of TAR documents.  If you donít understand a contract or a document you have been requested to sign, donít sign it!  You may always engage the services of a Texas attorney to explain the document, and to modify it if necessary.

I regularly assist clients in reviewing, interpreting, modifying, and negotiating TAR contracts and documents.

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