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Matters of Faith

Why include in a website any material which might alienate or offend any prospective clients, period? Why take a risk, what is there to gain? And why tackle one of the most controversial topics out there, excluding politics? Because my Christian faith defines who I am, it shapes my worldview, and it instills in me basic guiding principles on my interactions with others. So why not take the risk, let you read what you want, and then let you decide for yourself?

You might ask, "Does a Christian attorney practice law with a disadvantage?" Only if a client desires to pursue an unethical path. Christian college and professional athletes are no less competitive or competent than their counterparts on the other side of the Christian faith. Consider the careers and testimonies of individuals like -

  • Tom Landry (former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys), or
  • John Wooden (former head coach of UCLA's basketball program, which yielded ten national championships - including seven consecutive titles), or
  • Tony Dungy (former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts), or
  • Lovie Smith (the head coach of the Chicago Bears), or
  • Bobby Bowden (the former head football coach of Florida State University), or
  • Don Bylsma (head coach of the 2009 Stanley Cup champions, Pittsburgh Penguins, and a Bowling Green State University graduate), or
  • Mark Richt (the head football coach of the University of Georgia), or
  • Kurt Warner (the former quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals), or
  • Lance Berkman (professional baseball player with the Houston's Astros), or
  • Tim Tebow (Heisman Trophy winner, and former quarterback of the University of Florida) or
  • Sam Bradford (Heisman Trophy winner, and former quarterback of the University of Oklahoma), or
  • Colt McCoy (Heisman Trophy nominee, and former quarterback of the University of Texas).

Or consider the careers and testimonies of -

  • S. Truett Cathy (the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Chick-fil-A, Inc.), or
  • Drayton McLane, Jr. (chairman of McLane Group, chairman and CEO of Major League Baseball's Houston Astros, and in 2008 he was ranked #301 on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans), or
  • Joe Gibbs (a NASCAR Championship team owner, a two time NHRA Pro Stock team owner, and former head coach of the National Football League’s Washington Redskins), or
  • Wayne Huizenga, Jr. (the president of Huizenga Holdings, Inc., a diversified company that owns the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League and Dolphin Stadium in South Florida, and also manages billions of dollars of investments in real estate, marinas, and boat-related businesses), or
  • Archie Dunham (the retired chairman of ConocoPhillips), or
  • Houston's Mark Carr (founder, president and CEO of Christian Brothers Automotive Corp.), or
  • NASA Astronaut, USAF Colonel James P. Dutton, Jr. (pilot of the Space Shuttle Discovery, STS-131, April 5-20, 2010).

You see, Christians may be as competent and successful in their chosen  vocations as successful non-Christians – even in the practice of law.

Intrigued? Read more, it might just change your life . . .


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Matters of Faith
Matters of Faith
Why include in a website any material which might alienate or offend any prospective clients, period? Why take a risk, what is there to gain? And why ... read more

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