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Real Estate Horror Stories

The following stories are actual cases that I have had some level of personal or professional involvement in.  My intention in sharing these case studies is to touch on the importance of proper legal counsel in real estate matters.  As is often the case, it is what you don't know that has the potential to cause the greatest damage to you and your interests.  The purpose of any good attorney is to help you safeguard yourself and your interests from as much risk as possible and get you back to focusing on what is truly important.  Names and details have been changed to protect the innocent! Please contact me or give me a call to discuss your specific situation and present you with some options.

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Commercial Tenant Liability

Who pays for the damage to an air-conditioner located on the roof of a leased commercial building when a ...

Escrow Instructions... Get It In Writing.

Don't underestimate the importance of written escrow instructions to a title company which relate to oil ...

Can You Have A Lease, But Nowhere to Go?

It has been well over a decade now, but there was a fairly large office building in Houston with a high ...

Can Commercial Tenants Be "Trapped" in a Lease?

What happens when a hurricane spins off a small tornado, which then tears off a commercial ...

Are All Title Companies "Impartial"?

Every once in a while, you may run across a title company that does something really aberrant for an ...

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Matters of Faith
Matters of Faith
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